The Journey

Goals Met – Goals Set

Well, I did it! I made my 247 goal before Sept 12th! But even more exciting is I have lost 19 pounds since July 12th, and a total of 52 pounds (since my heaviest). My dogs threw me a party at the lake with amazing fireworks to celebrate. My hubby has also lost 18 pounds, and my daughter has lost a whopping 22 pounds (in total). img_3843We are all finding our way and happy with the results. Not to say all of us one day or the other hasn’t  gotten a little lost or distracted by the healthy lifestyle. You, know we all go through it, wanting a splurge. You ask what a splurge is to us now, well we all went out for a breakfast and I had bacon and eggs, but the most important was the red roasted potatoes! It seems funny that we see this as a splurge now, it use to be candy, cookies, etc – but now I really want potatoes or pasta once in a while. Now on vegan, they are allowed, but trying to loose weight I can’t allow myself to much of the starches like potatoes, pasta, or rice. But when I do, I try to limit my portions and enjoy every bite. img_4406My sweet daughter made my hubby a vegan cheese cake for his birthday (I think she will put up the recipe later this week) it was so good, but still a splurge since it   was 300 calories a slice! Of course, it was made not of cheese but cashews and coconut milk, and gram crackers topped with strawberries. I am so very proud of her newly found cooking skills!

So, about my dogs. I had four Yorkies, but lost one in January, she was 15 years old, we miss her dearly. Anyway, my other three are Massie, MJ, and Molly. MJ is a character (see photo) – it was her idea to throw a celebration for all of us to enjoy, and we had eleven 22-32 year olds stay for the three day holiday, and it was a beautiful time on the lake. The “kid’s” laughter filled the house as they played games (it was difficult to get eleven of them around my table, but they spread to outside too), fun music (I love loud and most any music), and they spent time at our pool, at the beach (we have many beach areas around our lake), and on the boat. Horseshoes, frisbee golf, and floating in the water. All the before and after cleaning, making of beds, remaking of beds, doing dishes (over and over again), cooking (salad, fruit of all types, ribs, and hot dogs – the rest was cooked by my daughter and her boyfriend), and LAUNDRY kept me so busy, I dropped my extra pounds needed to meet my goal! LOL

img_4407We went to the beach another day this past weekend, and of course swimming in pool – but I need to get more bike riding in (maybe this weekend) otherwise I will go to the gym (I joined last year and rarely go because it is all about swimming for me).

So, remember the post about the Palm Tree Weight Loss, well funny enough as I found myself dropping more weight, the naked leaf (refer to post) img_4411has started to blossom and show more of the hidden beauty of the stem. Kinda of interesting its timing, but I will take any signs that I will make it on this journey.

So it is time for me to set a new goal. We have my hubby’s dad and wife coming  from Ohio, October 15th for a week long visit. So, I feel my next goal should be obtainable but a bit of a stretch to 239 pounds by Oct 14th. Keep in mind I don’t count calories, I eat when I feel like I need to, and I watch what I eat for the most part but exercise seems to be the real trick of loosing a bit faster while eating healthy. The more I loose the more I have energy to do, so it can possibly work. It was only in July that I couldn’t walk straight up (like normal weight folks) nor could I walk or stand much at all. I find myself smiling when I get a good brisk (but short) walk going since only a small bit ago I was unable to do it, in fact, I was ready for a walker – my pain in my feet, groin, and thighs were unbearable! Granted I still can’t stand long without my feet going numb but it has gone from 5 min to 15 before the numbness goes all the way from my feet to my hips. Doctor says possibly sciatica but who knows, I think pinched nerves from all the fat and sitting on them pinches everything. Anyway, I find I have more energy and stamina with only 19 pounds off so just thinking of the possibilities of less pain (every where) is getting me excited! I know at 61 this is my LAST chance to get this right, and have the time to enjoy my life to its fullest. My hubby and I just agreed to a vacation in Hawaii (my favorite place ever) next year for my birthday since I expect to have lost most if not all my weight by then and will be able to once again enjoy scuba and snorkeling and walking those beautiful beaches! Can’t wait, but I might sneak in some snow skiing when I get down to at least 190 by March/April timeframe – we miss our time skiing the beautiful mountains. I hope I get another chance at it (if my feet don’t get to cold – so we will make it spring skiing at Mammoth) – I would love to take my daughter with us too!



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