The Journey

Slippery Slope – Birthdays

I am writing to let you know my husband and I went on a mini-vacation for his birthday. We were both doing extremely well on our Vegan journey, but slipped on some of the eating out adventures. We started out choosing the right foods if they were available, but we decided to have our meat day and that is not a problem we are allowed meat three times a week, but I was tired and talking, and before I knew it my biscuit was gone. I usually ask they not put it on my plate but this time I think I just wanted a biscuit. So I ate it with a small amount of guilt, then realized it wasn’t really that good, but I let it go, it was just one biscuit. So next we went oIMG_4345ut and stayed out late and found ourselves starving and drove to Del Taco – okay not a taco and b/c burrito (small) but it was still carbs. I don’t remember all our opps out there the past four days, but it seemed the more we carb’d the hungrier we got. He had as of today lost 17 pounds and me 16 pounds since July 12 – it has been comfortable amounts of food, and all pretty tasty. But allowing ourselves that first carb seemed to start an avalanche and with its his birthday excuse it seem to continue going downhill. Anyway, without all the details, I did maintain my exercise each day (walking mostly) and found a little cheat here and there kept popping up. Then hubby said he wanted pizza for his birthday dinner so I said sure, usually I can hold it to thin crust and two – three small pieces (medium pizza) and I found myself eating the whole pizza – when done I still was hungry. It was so sad for me, pizza is my enemy and has always been. Hubby and I used to live off pizzas daily when young and gained weight fast from it. I am so upset with myself I haven’t even wanted to get out of bed today. I am tired and down on myself. I felt I needed to journal this since it will force me to face the truth – I blew it! Now I need to just move on and start again. I suspect it caused a gain of 2 pounds but for sure it caused me to miss my first goal of 249 by his birthday! So, I will set another and that will be 247 by Sept 12th. Its a bit aggressive, I am not on a fad starvation diet, just sensible eating mostly vegan and lots of veggies. IMG_4358


We went to the beach Tuesday for his birthday, and the casino, and pizza. We lost money, lost our focus on the diet, but really enjoyed this new beach we found! So beautiful. Here is my picture of him looking at the sunset. We plan on going there again. We did take our bikes, but no place to ride at this beach, but it was late so we just enjoyed the beauty. Hope all of you are doing well.


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