The Journey

Motivation Boost

Its more than a month and weight loss is slowing. You know how the first week it comes of quickly then your body settles in and it seems so slow coming off after that first week. I hate that I spend so much time thinking, hurry up week so I can drop another pound, because at 61 years of age you don’t want to rush time!  I am in a hurry to feel better, look better, and be healthier, and become me again.

Some folks I have talked to along the way say you need to learn to accept yourself, gosh I am not a fan of that saying because I have never embraced my fat nor will I. I look in the mirror and see some old, fat lady that I don’t know and don’t want to. I know I will be disappointed when I get thin again and look into mirror and see an old version of myself but that’s the only disappointment I am willing to accept. I can’t accept this fat old lady that has a hard time getting up and walking 5 feet! Never!

Anyway this week was tough for my hubby and I we found ourselves eating out more and where we live Vegan food is far and few. Basically we have to have salads or falafels.  Wished I could afford it I would open a Vegan restaurant since there isn’t one. Whole foods has become our night out, it’s over an hour drive to buy groceries for this new lifestyle. Trader Joes and Sprouts here are crazy ridiculous (small and no real selections) not like in LA.

So himageubby took a four day weekend and one of those days we found ourselves at Huntington Beach biking. I am still very out of shape but I do what I can do and a tiny bit more. We brought lots of water, nuts and fruit for picnic snacks at the beach after the ride. It was such a nice trip we enjoyed the bike ride, wave watching, then went to my daughter’s for Kung Pow Tofu over quinoa. It was so great!  Before the main course she made us an appetizer, brochetta with tomatoes and almond feta non-cheese.  It was all amazing and appreciated. Lately being on the go and a bit lazy we have been eating the quick veggie foods in the freezer which you tend to get tired of.

So the other day I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get my exercise walking up and down the isles and I was talking to the clerk and another customer that joined a place called Camp Transformation. She pays $500 for a 6 week commitment to loose 20 pounds and if she makes it she gets her $500 back if not she looses all of it. It’s a boot camp for folks wanting to loose weight. From what I understand they work you out with a special exercise program and require you to follow their nutrition plan. She said every one roots for each other and lots of support from the club. From what I found they are expanding all over the place. She has signed up for many 6  week commiminents, and to date has lost 150 pounds!! Wow that is so great for her and others like her but for me I worry I can’t walk well and with gout in my joints I can’t see how I can push through the exercises. There is a two week program with less $$ investment I might check into since I don’t know what I can do until I try. But me being me, I ask myself if the only money they make is from those that fail and they are expanding all over the place doesn’t that beg the question – if they are making that much money doesn’t that mean there are a huge amount of folks failing? Oh Pam, stop thinking like that-I am sure even if you fail to meet the 20 pounds off in 6 weeks there are many perfectly happy to loose the $500 if they lose 15 pounds. Humm… Intrigued. Update, I looked into this Camp Transformation and follow the link 20 pounds off in 6 weeks to read what others that went to it are saying. I think the one lady in the link was the most complete in explaining the process, enough where I won’t be trying it after all. Bummer, I had hoped it would be another motivator for me. Maybe each location has something different to offer, I guess what the folks that gave reviews are saying is be sure you understand totally all you are signing up for then make an informed decision.  The lady in the first review lost 17 pounds and lost her $500 some might be okay with that 17 pounds gone with the money, some other might not have it to spend. Well, I guess I will just keep to my own little program.

Anyone out there have a success story to share? I would love to hear it my motivation could use a boost. Meanwhile, those of you that subscribe to my blog, thank you for your support. image



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