The Journey

Palm Tree Weight Loss

Today is my one month on the Modified Vegan lifestyle (15 pounds lost) and I was doing my water aerobics and I noticed the shoot on our palm tree (the one on the right side of the picture) was taking forever growing its leaves. It got me thinking about how I feel about my weight loss progress and I started to identify with the palm tree. Crazy as it sounds, just take a look at it, tall and leaf barren except for those few leaves at very top. Those few leaves made me think of how much I have lost, and the naked long shoot (stem) waiting for the other leafs to show up is how I feel about the fact that I have 110 more pounds to lose. I wondered when the other leaves (pounds off) would show up, what would it take (more water, sunshine)? My hubby said the palm has to get bigger from the water and sun, then the stem splits into a branch full of leaves like all palmthe others on the tree. So each day, I swim I look at that naked stem and think about my slow weight loss, but then I look at all the other branches and see so many leaves (pounds lost) that made it so beautiful. I just have to be patient and keep working toward my goals – just like that single naked shoot. It will continue to do what it needs to create that beautiful full stem, I need to do the same. Every day, I just stare at it hoping it will come soon – but we all know 110 pounds is not going to just fall off – it takes hard work and dedication and I must keep going even when things aren’t always moving as fast as I would like.

My chef “daughter” only could come out here to make food that one weekend we posted all those great recipes, I actually miss having my meals prepared by her, she tries different recipes, and I loved them and never felt hungry. I must admit I get a bit lazy about cooking or preparing new recipes (when she isn’t here it is quick and easy meals that are tasty but don’t compare to what she makes for us). In fact, that weekend she was here we all lost 3 pounds. Can’t wait until she cooks us more great meals on her next visit and when she does I will be sure to share them with you all. Funny story, when she first started cooking she thought she needed to drain Top Ramen soup – now she is cooking gourmet meals (self taught).

This week wasn’t a great week for me (hormones going nuts) it was hard to even get out of bed but thats the time when you MUST get up and get going. It was a struggle every day, but I think I only missed one day of exercise   (I went to a movie – it was perfect, I felt like crying (hormones) so I went to see Pete’s Dragon and it had moments we all cried in the audience – at least I put those emotions to good use).  There was a time where the dragon was shot with tranquilizer darts (a 4 yr old started crying and it really upset and scared her, so be aware its not much different that when Bambi’s mother got shot, its a bit hard on the little ones, but the dragon’s story has a happy ending for the little ones to see about 10 minutes after the sad part (be prepared).

Another thing is I found out besides arthritis in my feet, I have bone spurs (which is why its hard for me to walk without my feet in pain and going numb) then to finish my already difficult emotional week, I found out I have gout. Gosh, I am trying to get this weight off so I can walk upright and like a human being again and here I go with more problems in my feet that might cause me not to get around so well even after I loose weight. I must admit I feel a bit defeated, but I have to remind myself This is my doing. I am the one that kept eating thinking I had time to lose weight. You know, I will have this box of See’s candy now and workout later, or that bag of chips – no problem – I will diet tomorrow. Of course, I doubt any of you have every said or done that, right? Well, folks I am here to tell you don’t wait do something about your weight loss and your health issues deal with it NOW don’t wait like I did. When I was diagnosed with diabetes about 12 years ago (weight related) I said I will fix this, I know all I have to do is diet and lose weight, I have plenty of time. Well, 12 years later (doing mostly nothing about it)  I am here to say it catches up with you.

Why do we all think we are exempt from all the complications? At least, I started working on this in time before my eyes are affected! Well, that appointment is next week, I  hope I still have time to fix this mess I got myself into. Its difficult, you need a support system, but you have to still stop making all the excuses – time is not our friend after all. One shinning light of hope, on this mess, is gout is caused by eating fatty meats (chuck roast, ribs, steaks, etc) and fish, and shell fish (well I didn’t eat fish, but I ate the fatty meats (pot roast and ribs were my staple) and guess what this Vegan lifestyle has come at perfect time.  I would had made my gout worse if I kept eating those meats (I had no idea it caused gout for some folks) and it turns out soda and other caffeine drinks cause it to worsen, big time. I had no idea I had gout when I started this new Vegan lifestyle. Gosh, I drink about 12 can’s of diet soda a day! And I take a diuretic for my blood pressure because I refused to give up my salt intake. So now not only do I have to stay Vegan but give up my diet soda and drink more water. I guess it is kismet that all my lab reports came just after I made up my mind to go vegan and start taking care of my weight and diabetes problem.

Anyway, enough venting, I just wanted to tell you I am pulling myself up and getting back to doing what I need to do to be alive and hopefully healthier for my daughter and someday, my grandchildren, and of course hubby and myself.  I am 61 this past July and my daughter is 25 years old so I need to get this done, life is too short for some of us (my dad died with cancer at 63, and my mother died of cancer at 72 – so I can’t take these years I have left for granted any more)! swim

I wanted to share some advice regarding the sun and water aerobics – wear a hat (mine is made for hot weather, it floats and it is the new cool lightweight material I bought it at my Bed Bath and Beyond), and I also wear a sweat activated cooling shirt from Columbia to keep me warm when its cool, and cool when its warm. Its perfect for kayaking. But most important my skin started to look like leather and that pale faced girl many years ago, the one that couldn’t tan, well she is no more, I am brown as a brownie these days and my skin is extremely dry and starting to look a bit worrisome for pre-cancer, so I don’t go out in that sun for hours swimming or kayaking without my gear on. Also, I use water weights around my ankles and handheld weights to get double the workout in the same amount of time. Its worth the investment.

I would love to hear from you readers, I hope this blog helps you get on track, stay on track or motivate you in some way. Send to your friends that struggle with weight issues so they have someone to identify with too. Take care. My first goal of 249 is August 30, I am only a couple pounds away – fingers crossed!



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