The Journey

Put Your Toe In… Life

It’s not easy changing, but it’s definitely worth giving it a try. Being big isn’t fun, yet owning the blame is the first step. It’s easy to blame others and situations, but it’s not fair to us. Until we admit we are the problem we can’t move forward in a positive direction.

A good example is last night when my daughter made a new Vegan dish, I was hesitant on trying it not knowing if I’d like it. However, you have to try to find out. Oh my, it was great! I will post the recipe in my recipe section later. Baby greens, butternut squash, pecans, vegan almond cheese, cranberry and lemon vinegarette, and apples. It was very filling and extremely tasty – who knew! My message to you is just give it a try, you never know where it will lead.

Which brings me to today. My first call of duty was to get out of bed and promptly jump into the pool. Water aerobics is not only refreshing first thing in the morning but great wake up exercise. After swimming, my hubby and I decided it’s time to go to the beach, Dana Point . We packed up our Vegan snacks and drove to San Juan Capistrano to have our lunch. We chose a Greek restaurant so we could eat Falafels and salad. It was so good and kept us going until dinner.

Once at the beach my hubby asked if I thought if I could walk the beach. I have a real problem with my feet going numb after a few minutes of walking because of all the weight I am carrying, but I said I will do what I can. I walked in the soft wet sand to help with walking, since any distance is more than I can walk on hard concrete. In the end, I walked about 3/4 – 1 mile, but of course my feet started to go asleep about half way. I kept pushing anyways, but as you might know with this much weight many of us walk side to side (like a penguin) and leaning forward which is so embarrassing. But hey, if I don’t try I will never be able to walk upright and proud. Now we are sitting on the beach enjoying the waves resting my feet so I can make the big climb up hill to the car. The moral of this post is, if you are going to be miserable you might as well do it at the beach- you will be surprised how the breaking of the waves make you feel like you are alive and worth saving. Keep going one foot in front of the other – that is my new mantra.


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