The Journey

20 Steps Towards Success

Tawalk20ke a look at your home and find your 20 steps towards success, they were always there we just have to view them a bit differently on this journey.  As an example, before this new journey, my 20 steps were to the laundry room to wash clothes, 20 steps to backyard to clean up after the dogs, or 20 steps back to bed, but that viewpoint was to dreary to continue, I needed a change – I needed a way to find success in my weight loss journey. So, here we are with a new day of possibilities, a fresh start for us all. I offer you a new way of looking at your options to motivate action towards success. For me, if I walk 20 steps to my left, I can see the pool awaiting my entry (turn up my favorite music and move to the tunes), 20 steps right I can find my way to the garage where my bicycle awaits my ride (don’t forget the helmet and water bottle), and 20 steps straight ahead is the exit towards a nice walk to the beach (birds singing, fresh air, aww so nice). I know all of you can’t be as lucky to live in paradise as I do now, it took me 61 years to make it here, but you have your own version of paradise, just take a new look at where your 20 steps can lead you towards. Maybe your paradise, is 20 steps towards gardening, or 20 steps towards making your favorite healthy dishes for dinner, possibly its 20 steps towards your neighbor’s house where you will find a walking buddy. Find your 20 steps toward success and move your feet forward and go for it, you will be surprised how your day will rain sunshine (at least for a little while make it about you).  IMG_9710

I am starting my day out with a bowl of breakfast tabbouleh. It is a dish my daughter introduced me too this past weekend, that has an interesting flavor and fills your tummy. It might seem a bit different at first, but trust me it is really good. See my recipe section for this delight and give it a try. Again, another recipe from True Foods with a Vegan twist.

Yesterday, I was talking to a friend of mine and she had something to share about my journey that I felt it was important to share with you all. She had lost a lot of weight a couple of years ago (on a shake diet) with a doctor/group help. She looked amazing and many of her health issues disappeared along with her weight, but its been two years now and she has just told me she gained all her weight back. She continued to explain how much easier it would be for her to loose if she had a support system like mine (daughter cooking and hubby there for whatever I needed) which gave me pause for thought, many of you may read this blog and think the same thing. However, that is NOT the message I am trying to send. Sure in my case, I have a support system, but I have always had a support system available to me. It is still up to me to reach out and accept their help. And as you can see by my gain of 185 pounds I chose to lavish in the “poor me syndrome” and all my many legitimate excuses for not taking any help, I was to busy being depressed and miserable of what it use to be. You know, the “I use to be pretty, I use to be thin, I use to have so much fun…” all the living in the past that cause our present to vanish. Maybe she or you, don’t have a significant other or kids that support you but its okay, there are people out there just like you that will be your rock, reach out to your community. There are people out there that need your support as much as you need theirs, go find them! Join a support group, a walking group, sign up for swim aerobics at your nearest gym, if your older – go to the senior center many are looking to be of use to another. My friend, came up with a great idea – hope she follows through and shares her success with us all.  She belongs to a neighborhood group called NextDoor it is a way for neighbors to get to know each other and find fun activities to do together. She said, Having support is a huge motivator.  For a long time I’ve wished I could organize a healthy cooking co-op with enough other members that I would only need to prepare dinner once a week–but for everyone in the co-op.  It’s easier to “toe the line”, and cook responsibly, when you are expected to follow diet guidelines while preparing food for the whole group…and eat only what the other daily chefs have prepared on the other days.  I would only have to shop, prep, and cook once a week, but would eat healthy every day.  The hardest part would be finding enough other compatible people who not only can be counted on, but live close enough to make distribution of the meals feasible.  I think it would be fun to hold regular meetings with the the other co-op members, to plan and distribute menus, and in the process give each other the support we all need to keep going. Nextdoor (her neighborhood) has grown to 431 members, in 359  homes, just under 43% of the 800 homes that make up our neighborhood (park).  I may have a good chance of putting together a dinner co-op here, and maybe I should put out a message on Nextdoor, asking for anyone else who would be interested, to get together with me.”  What a great idea, you go girl! Any of you have great ideas how to make weight loss possible to share, feel free to leave a comment for my followers.  

As those of you who have read my blog from the beginning know I started this journey many years ago at 299 pounds, and I have had many ups and downs to get me to this place in life. I started blogging to offer others support and by my writing this journal it holds me to the continued journey so it won’t take me another 10 years to reach my weight goals. One thing I can say for this slow progress is my weight will stay off this time. The difference in this journey for me is I am not dieting, not counting calories, and not depriving myself of any flavors. I am just changing my lifestyle all together. Vegan with a dash of meat seems to be a ribsperfect solution for me and my family. Some may choose to go all Vegan or some other variation of eating healthy, but what I do know is trying to weigh and measure and saying no to my favorite dishes wasn’t getting me anywhere. In the past all I thought of was what I couldn’t have, now I think of what I can have and how I can substitute Vegan solutions for my cravings. The other day, I really wanted ribs, but my meat meals were not available (3 meat meals out of 21 meals) so I found Vegan ribs made from tempeh. Oh my, what a surprise, they tasted just like meat ribs. It was so exciting to see the possibilities. Morning Star Ribs check them out!

weightlosschartIn closing of this blog, I want to welcome all my new readers and ask you to take your 20 Steps to Success and stay with me through my journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle.




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